My Beloved Chow Chow

That blue black tongue,
That fluffy mane-
The Chow Chow stands apart.
Devoted, proud and loyal,
Sure to win your heart.

A dog that’s quick
To give a hug,
And often makes me grin-
My Chow Chow means
The world to me,
My dog, my love, my friend.


This month, my family lost our beloved dog, Lady. A fluffy and fiery red chow chow and sheltie mix, Lady was a rescue from the SPCA. We inherited her from my late uncle when she was four and she was a blessing in our lives until she died at the old dog age of 14.

Lady was always my helper and shadow in the kitchen. She was always there waiting to sample whatever scraps I had to give her and she never complained. My parents fed her “table food” at every meal regardless of what anyone said and no dog could have been happier.

Lady watching me plant my herb garden, Spring 2010.
Lady and me before the senior prom, May 2001.

 Lady’s favorite meal was by far Gramercy pizza. She could sense when it was Friday night pizza time and she barked whenever you said the words “pizza” or “french fries.” She always had a special doggie bags of food. On special occasions and holidays, Lady ate whatever we were having, of course. She especially loved the chateu briand of beef my grandfather would sneak to her at Christmas time. She was also a big fan of cookies, and I had a hard time keeping her away from Santa’s cookies.

The best gift under the tree. 

Lady loved my Aunt Phyllis’s Italian Bone Cookies (“Italian bones of the dead cookies, or Ossi de Morti Cookies”). She was not allowed to eat chocolate chips, as chocolate is poisonous to dogs. But, Lady wasn’t a stranger to chocolate, as she once downed an entire box of Gertrude Hawk Peanut Butter Smidgens when she was a puppy. On another occasion, Lady got into the garbage and ate an entire German chocolate cake. She had to have her stomach pumped that time, but she made it, because she was a survivor.

Lady snowed in.

Lady always knew what foods were the best and I will miss her whenever I am in the kitchen, the yard, the park, or laying on the couch and she’s not by my side. She was my buddy and I miss her everyday. But she will always be in my heart and I will see her color in the fall when the autumn leaves start to fall.

Lady playing in the leaves. Fall 2010.

If you or a loved one are looking for a companion, considering adopting a pet. There are many animals like Lady who need to be rescued and provided with loving homes. Visit your local SPCA or try to find a furry friend who needs your help.

My red dog.