Everyone in my family has their own version of stuffed peppers. We like to make ours with ground turkey for a nice, healthful meal at lunch or dinner. This is a hybrid recipe of my late grandmother’s and my mother’s version. This is also a great dish to make for entertaining a group of dinner guests.

Fairytale Italian Stuffed Peppers
(Serves 5)
5 large green bell peppers
1 1/2 lb of lean ground beef (can substitute ground turkey)
1 1/2 cups of grated parmesan cheese 
1/2 cup of chopped parsley
1/2 cup of breadcrumbs
1 large egg
1 quart of tomato sauce
1 quart of marinara sauce
1 tablespoon of butter
Par-boil the stuffed peppers so that they get soft, but not so that they’re too tender or falling apart. 

Place the ground beef in a large bowl. Add the Parmesan cheese, parsley, and breadcrumbs. Stir well. Add the egg. With your hands, gentle mix everything together. Set aside.

In another pot, combine the sauces and heat on low. 

Place the boiled peppers in a pan. Stuff the peppers with the meat mixture. Add a few ladles of sauce to the pan, completely covering the bottom until it is about 2 inches high. 

Bake the stuffed peppers for 45 minutes to an hour, or until the meat is completely cooked through on the inside. During this process, baste with the tomato sauce. You may want to cut one open to see if they’re done.  Serve with the remaining sauce and grated Parmesan cheese.