I am so excited to announce that Fairytale Feasts was mentioned in a recent article in USA TODAY!  The article, headlined “Private Journal writing survives Twitter, Facebook, blogs” by Janice Llyod, appeared on the front page of the Life Section.  In the article, I discuss how I have spent the vast majority of my life writing in a journal.  Of course, my entries to my diary frequently included descriptions of food and how much I loved going out to restaurants.  I was quoted as saying I began to write a journal in Disney World when I was 10 years old, and that I journaled about food even then.  Indeed, I have descriptions about how much I loved to eat at the Living Seas in Epcot and Cinderella’s Castle.  I am so happy to have these memories recorded somewhere and they certainly lead me to believe I did the right thing by starting a food blog to share my love for food.  In the article, I also shared two entires straight from my diary from a more difficult period during my life and our nation’s history, September 2001.

I am very happy about this article because I am a firm believer in the power of writing and while I do love to blog (about my fairytale feasts!) I am a firm believer that there will never be a substitute for a pen and a piece of paper!

Click here to read the article in USA TODAY!

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