Food lovers and lovers in general: check out YourTango all month long for articles that explore the relationship between my two favorite things in life: LOVE and FOOD! YourTango is one of my favorite websites (and not just because I write for them), but because it’s is the go-to site for all the love news, advice, and love laughs that you need. During the month of October,visit Breakfast, Love and Dinner on YourTango to read about the interplay between food and relationships.

To kick off the event, we are launching a contest to search for the Next Engagement Chicken – a recipe which helped to kick-start your love life in some way. I’ve written about Engagement Chicken for Valentine’s Day before and have passed the recipe to more than a few friends who were looking to move their relationships along. Now we’re searching for the next magical recipe that helped to make something wonderful happen in your relationship.

If you have a special recipe that influenced your relationship, be sure to visit the website and enter today! And remember to check back to Breakfast, Love and Dinner throughout October to read about all things love and food.